Mike Connor, PE

Connor Engineering Solutions  Alpharetta, GA


       University of Georgia, Animal Health Research Center (AHRC)Athens, Georgia

    • The Georgia State Finance and Investment Commission (GSFIC) initially retained Mr. Connor to provide Construction Investigation Services in defense of construction claims made by the project’s builder. The building, which consists of approximately 70,000GSF, was constructed between 1996 and 1999. The first floor contains Animal Biosafety Level 3 (ABSL-3) animal housing, toxicology labs, necropsy, and related support spaces. The second level of the two-story structure consists of shell space for future Biosafety Level 3 (BSL-3) research laboratories and a vaccine development facility. Talka & Connor’s original association with the building began in 1998 when we were hired to design the second floor BSL-3 labs and vaccine suite.  Our investigational services included extensive field surveys of structural systems, containment integrity, mechanical supply and exhaust systems, building controls and an intense evaluation of the installed bio-waste treatment system. A report of our evaluations and observations has been furnished to GSFIC, assisting them in their dispute resolution.

         lan Pharma, Inc., Gainesville, GA

    • 9,500 SF GMP renovation to support R&D / Scale-Up. Project also included the relocation of existing manufacturing operations into new space as well as validation of utility systems.

         Serologicals, Inc., Clarkston, GA

    • Renovation of 25,000 SF of high bay flex space to production laboratories and manufacturing including validation to FDA/CBER requirements.  Validated systems included class 100,000 manufacturing clean room, -70C, -45C and 4C Freezers and Coolers as well as CAP Type I Water Systems.

    Anheuser - Busch, Cartersville, GA

    • Replacement of two heat recovery wheels and resolution of CO2 cross-contamination.



         Chief Engineer

    Atlanta Olympic Broadcasters, Atlanta Committee for the Olympic Games, Atlanta, GA

    • Retrofit of 400,000 GSF of Georgia World Congress Center to house international television broadcast studios including NBC, NHK, CBC, BBC as well as European Union.

    Piedmont College, Demorest, GA

    • Multiple projects including 35,000 GSF renovation and addition to King Science Hall to support the College’s Science program; 25,000 GSF new Athletic Facility to house varsity sports competition; temporary Chemistry laboratories delivered in 73 days through a turnkey process led by NMPW.

    Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA

    • Renovation of Alexander Memorial Coliseum. The facility was brought on line to seat 10,000 spectators as the boxing venue for the 1996 Summer Olympic Games.

    6/91-6/94 O’NEAL ENGINEERING

    Mechanical Group Leader

           Glaxo Inc. Distributed Control System, Zebulon, NC

    • Responsible for the production of engineering design documents to install a Bailey Infi90 Distributed Control System (DCS).  Documents produced include Process and Instrumentation Diagrams, Loop Diagrams, Panel Interconnection Diagrams, Sequences of Operation, Instrument Location Diagrams, I/O point and Process Database.  System has approximately 1750 I/O points for over 50 process air handling systems and central utilities in pharmaceutical manufacturing plant. Managed production of over 750 drawings including 615 loop diagrams.  Documentation package transitioned into validation of the DCS.

           Glaxo Inc. Laboratory VAV Control System, Research Triangle Park, NC

    • This project involved a study to determine causes of insufficient airflow in a four-story drug discovery laboratory HVAC system designed by other engineers. The building contains over 150 variable air volume hoods controlled by a laboratory volume tracking and control system. The study progressed over a period of 6 months of field research and testing including review of software for the laboratory control system as well as the Bailey Net90 DCS system for the central fan systems.

      3/89-6/91 BURDETTE-DEVITA ENGINEERING, Greenville, SC

    Mechanical Department Head

    St. Francis Hospital,Greenville, South Carolina

    • Designed variable volume fan tracking and volume synchronization control system based on pneumatic components to solve building infiltration problems.

    Christ Episcopal Church,Greenville, South Carolina

    • Solved problems with ice storage/chiller system. Study featured a computerized load profile analysis to model building air conditioning usage.



         Georgia State Capital Central Energy Plant, Atlanta, Georgia

    • Project manager as prime professional directing a team of architects, structural, civil, electrical engineers as well as land surveyors for $8 million Central Energy Plant Expansion.  Project featured a $1.5 million pedestrian/pipe bridge coordinated with state D.O.T Engineers and ongoing construction of I-75/85 interstate in downtown Atlanta. 4000 ton chiller and 1200 boiler horsepower expansion as well as asbestos abatement. Direct digital control retrofit of pneumatic control system in 1,000,000 square foot State Government office building.

    One Peachtree Center, Atlanta, Georgia

    • Project manager for mechanical, plumbing, fire protection and electrical engineering design worth over $35 million for a 2 million square foot office/retail complex with 60 story, 1.6 million square foot office tower and 3500 car parking deck with 400,000 square foot retail concourse and garden offices.  5000 ton chiller plant and 20 MW electrical service.

    American Telephone and Telegraph,Alpharetta Georgia

    • Lead Mechanical engineer for 380,000 square foot data processing facility with 130,000 square foot raised computer floor.  3,750 ton chiller plant with waterside economizer, 12 MW diesel generator plant, 6 MW Uninterruptible power supply, and dual digital control system where a failure of the lead controller causes a changeover to an identical back-up controller. This project progressed from drawing board through third party reliability testing and owner acceptance in less than 14 months.


  • Bachelor of Science, Clemson University, 1982, Mechanical Engineering.


  • American Society of Heating Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) Past Chairman for TC 9.2 Industrial Air Conditioning
  • International Society for Measurement and Control (ISA)
  • International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering (ISPE)


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  • "Computer Center Design" - 1990, Greenville, South Carolina; 1988 Atlanta, Georgia
  • "Documentation of DDC Systems" - 1989, Atlanta, Georgia


  • Professional Engineer: Georgia 1986; South Carolina 1989; North Carolina 1989; Virginia 1989, Florida 2000, Arizona 2004
  • Certified in Plumbing Engineering 1990


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